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"Yes, that's me! Here with my lovely dog who does follow me everywhere like my shadow!"



     Having taken strenght from twelve years experiences in the field of health, I spent those five last years discovering and practicing other healing methods from all over the world. My conclusion is that we can bring a true beneficial support to everyone, integrating alternative and conventional medicines, intelligently.

         Our  psycho-emotional well-being can be affected by challenges life brings to us daily. Simple psychoemotional tools to be used in daily life can make a real difference. Being our own support, we live better with ourself and others.

Abstracts from comments book

" Beautiful Florence, it's my pleasure to address you this message! I feel like a new woman, I feel so much light and positive, my spirituality is so much brighter! " Daisy

" In spite of a great reluctance to this kind of practice, I 've let go and trusted Flo. After two sessions my backpain has vanished. A many years long backpain resisting to divers doctors consultations. " Nathan

" Yesterday, I was shivering cause of stress like a washing-machine on spinning mode, because I was participating to a song contest. I asked Flo for advice and we made an EFT session. It has been so effective as I arrived there feeling more relaxed (...)"  Anais

"Hello Floo and again a great Thank you for your healings! I've been sleeping super well, no pain (legs & back) It had not happened to me for such a long time! ... This morning, gently waking-up with more lightness in the body and the feeling that a weight has left (physical-psychic-emotional). (...)"  Régine



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" Thank you for

your generous support. "

" Gratitude "

Natural, holistic and other soft medicines should be intelligently integrated in a global process of mental and physical health recovery.

Flow of Life's services are not proposed as a replacement of conventional medical treatment.

Your health is your personal responsibility, please, use your discernment!

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