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Only french speaking events at the moment.
Possibilities to plan sound journeys, shamanic journey, group shamanic healing sessions, workshops or conferences.
Feel free to contact me if you'd like to plan one in english!
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August 2018 22nd to 28th


How to grow extra-senses (1h)

Through grounding, mental calm, mindfulness and love, push your senses beyond their limits.


A different dance floor experience, make your dance cosmic! (1h)

In many shamanic and religious traditions, dance is a magical tool. Like Shiva creating and destroying through his dance, we can manifest our intentions in the world through our body's movements. Let's connect to mother Earth, father Sun and the whole universe to experience the language your body wants to reveal through its intuitive dance.


How to manage our personal power, when sciences meet shamanism (45minutes)

Shamans consider that when we put our attention on something, we send our energy to it. The latest neurosciences and genetic datas demonstrate as well that we have much more power on our body's configuration than we think. Get some keys for a better understanding and management of your personal power.

Healing transgenerational karma with ancestors (1h)

Let's dive into ourselves, into our family lineage burdens which are printed within our cells. Then free ourselves and our lineage from those unconscious memories, with the help of our kindly ancestors.


5 elements 6 directions honoring (1h)

Calling, greeting, honoring, thanking the 5 elements great spirits and the guides and gardians spirits of the 6 directions gates.

July 2018 26th to 29th


Improve self-esteem with EFT (1h30)

Emotional Freedom Technique is a psycho-emotional liberation and reprogramming tool involving self tapping sequences on accurate points of the body, located on the major energetic meridians we know from traditional chinese medicine, associated with out loud pronounced self-affirmations.  With some alternating cerebral hemispheres work out, we're going to relax the self saboter and reinforce our self-esteem.



How to turn simple daily actions into magic (1h)

Our daily actions are most of the time done without true presence. Setting specific intentions, they might be turned into rituals, sustaining our daily well-being and physical health.

Let's dig into this considering the latest scientific datas.

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