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"Hello Florence, I wanted to thank you for monday's session which made me feel great and brought an inner calming." Maryline . Soul guidance with oracles.

"Thanks to you I've got an incredible endurance and will finish tomorrow's mission in a blaze of glory. I really feel supported and ready to finally live my real life." Béatrice . Remote energy healing.

"I soncerely thank you and want to point out that since we met, I feel good. It's been a very long time since I felt such a well-being. My burden has relieved. Now I know I can find back a peaceful state that I thought was lost forever." Christiane . EFT and soul passing.

"A magical moment ! A great richness in this experience. Thank you Florence for this love and this benevolence!" Céline. Shamanic healing.

"Best experience ever! Thank you so much for everything! Force et honor :-)" Frédéric. Shamanic healing.

"Yesterday, I was shivering cause of stress like a washing-machine on spinning mode, because I was participating to a song contest. I asked Flo for advice and we made an EFT session. It has been so effective as I arrived there feeling more relaxed and experienced a voice that was unknown to my body and daily practice. I received wonderful compliments and came back happy. Thank you beautiful and sweet Florence. Peace and kindness"  Anais. EFT.

"In spite of a great reluctance to this kind of practice, I 've let go and trusted Flo. After two sessions my backpain has vanished. A many years long backpain resisting to divers doctors consultations." Nathan. Shamanic healing.

"Florence, my deep sorrows and settled angers have calmed down thanks to your care and generosity. . It's helping me to transform my life step by step and has profundly opened to new horizons of choices. Thank you for this healing whose I felt the effects as soon as the next day." Sophie. Shamanic healing.

"I wanted to tell you that the session really made me feel good, thank you. I feel much better and ready for new adventures!" Emmanuelle. Shamanic healing.

"Beautiful Florence, it's my pleasure to address you this message! I feel like a new woman, I feel so much light and positive, my spirituality is so much brighter! Before that, when going into myself, I used to see only muddy and ugly things. If you knew how grateful I am to you!" Daisy. Shamanic healing.

"Hello Floo and again a great Thank you for your healings! I've been sleeping super well, no pain (legs & back) It had not happened to me for such a long time! ... This morning, gently waking-up with more lightness in the body and the feeling that a weight has left (physical-psychic-emotional). I hope you've not been to tired by my intensive healing. I thank the univers for having placed you on my way. A pleasant bright day to You and go forward on your path, you largely have the competencies and the Love to help humankind!"  Régine. Shamanic healing.

"My dear Florence, words are not enough to express The Divine Grace, Tara, who liberate us. She led me to you who, with Love, accepted to generously help me. So much tenderness and relief went through me during the healing session. My heart, with the resonance of Tara, tell you Thank You."  Christine. Shamanic healing.

"Thanks to the universe and our guides for having shown me the way to your house, you're a marvelous being who has turned my life around. I thank you, hoping we'll meet again. Much love to you." Sophie. Shamanic healing.

"Florence, where to start from...Thank you! This thursday, 30th of June 2016, has been an unforgettable rendezvous with my path, thanks to you, throught our meeting."  Stéphanie. Shamanic healing.

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