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       Hello to you, travelers who are exploring my page.

My name is Florence Fourtou. I'm born in Rillieux-la-Pape, litterally "the laughing popess". When I let out my first cry, while only my head was out, all the labour room bursted into laughter!

A life's start beginning with jokes and laughters, to remember me to always keep my sense of humour.

Passionate about life and Earth's sciences since always, driven by the need of helping others, I naturally followed paramedical studies.

I've explored first of all human, all its faces and aspects and observe our health system benefits and limits. Those limits will push me to a more technical direction in clinical applications. I specialized in nuclear medicine, travels were increasing as my private life time was reducing.  It could only slip to a life crisis.

Ending those twelve years in medical imaging, I was experiencing the famous burn out.

A night of the soul, as it's named sometimes, very shaking cause of its

depersonalisation syndrom.

I didn't know anymore who I was, neither what I liked.

I had to rebuild myself from this new beginning.

I've been meditating a lot and came back to a more sustained yoga practice. Then absolutely new and surprising experiences started, kundalini rising, out of body experience and lucid dreams.

I realized I've just been reassuring myself with a truncated rational vision of life and the universe. Those disruptions pushed me to commit to a real quest of truth. With a single way ticket, I left to Nepal, where I've been revealed shaman, during a first transe, as unexpected than demanding. The nepali shaman revealed my gift, as well as my guide's name Arya Tara, the green Tara.

By reconnecting myself to the invisible, I found back this part of me I

had abandoned, the little girl who was seeing and hearing spirits.

And so my journey went on in Asia and led me to a temporary ordination as a buddhist nun in Cambodia, an odyssey full of teachings and lessons.

Back in France mainland, It was obvious that my advances in my self's reconstruction had to go on and that this environment, mirror from my past, was not the most appropriate to do so.

I migrated to Reunion island, where I studied alternative medicines and practices, deepened my knowledge, multiplied experiences, attended gatherings, initiations, followed trainings.

Inner and outter journeys were succeeding in this research of coherence. I arranged those puzzle's pieces and found my new center in this enlarged reality. My conceptual attachments and doubts dissolved.

To get a clear vision, to cease fearing what I was living, to accept all this and to know what to do with that has been a long way.

Afterwards, I followed the call of Peru meeting a master plant in a shuar tribe, famously known as jivaros for their head reducing practice, in Amazonian rainforest. Local healers, "curanderos", transmitted the spirits' message, "You are a "Medicine Mom".

Nothing could satisfy my thirst of knowledge.

I discovered and explored the power of sound, the body's intrinsec wisdom, the spontaneous manifestation of the soul's medicine, which is in each of us.

Each transe, each awaken dream or out of body experience, each dispensed treatment, made me experience a new aspect and dive deeper in a fine understanding that only direct experience can offer.

This adventure went on and led me to Tibet, in a far small village, where the local oracle listened to the unknown language speech that goes out of me during transes. She stated this language is the one spoken by buddhist deities.

Today, I do my best to share the tools and stories that helped me on my own path, to offer kind look and dispense treatments with the right intention.

My support has no price ans so is accessible to all.

I choose to make this seemingly crazy bet. If it sounds right to you to support me in going on, donations are possibles at the bottom of this page.

I choose to believe in the creator I see in each of us eyes and that he will allow me to go on, if I manifest him in this world as he's pleased to manifest himself through me.

Wishing you the greatest good,


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